With its universities, technology development zones, industrial zones, sector clusters, non governmental organizations, and high quality of life is not only administrative but also social, cultural and innovation capital of Turkey.
The city of Ankara lies at an elevated altitude of 600-850m, on the eastern edge of the Anatolian Plateau and has a continental, suitable climate.
The city well connected to ALL other parts of the country by highways, (new) high speed trains and the modern international and domestic airport.
Ankara’s population in 2019 is almost 5.65 million, and has high annual growth rates; over 50% of the residents in Turkey can reach Ankara in less than 4 hours ground travel .

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Ankara is the capital and second biggest city of Turkey. Ankara is an important commercial and industrial city located in Central Anatolia Region. Its climate is a blend of cool continental climate and rainy Black Sea climate. 98 embassies and international organizations (such as the UN and the World Bank) are located in the city. In addition to large-scale construction and energy organizations, strategic organizations in the fields of tourism, defense, telecommunications, IT and logistics, Ankara offers attractive business opportunities to investors.
Ankara is Turkey’s 2nd largest economy. Ankara’s high foreign trade volume provides opportunities for foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to make production and investment on a national, regional and global scale. High-tech investments such as automotive and supply industry, electronics, pharmaceuticals and optical devices are included in the scope of the incentive.
Ankara population is over 5 million. With its developed infrastructure, transportation and business opportunities, Ankara is a center that constantly receives immigration from abroad. Besides the industrial sector, most of the population works in the service sector and government departments. “Turkey’s Livable Cities” According to the results of a study from 2010 and 2011 in Ankara, “Turkey’s Most Livable city” Title is given.

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